MarketGlory Currency Guide

Senin, 19 Agustus 2013
So you have read MarketGlory Basic Guide, now we going to learn further about MarketGlory Currency Guide. Before you got an headache learning th currency system by your self, you better read my simple explanation about the MarketGlory Currency.

Basically there are 4 currency used on MarketGlory : real money as Euro, virtual MarketGlory Euro, virtual MarketGlory Gold, and virtual MarketGlory Local Currency. Those 3 virtual MarketGlory currency clearly showed under your personal attributes.

marketglory currency guide

Virtual MarketGlory Euro mostly used for everything regarding to the web owner, such as company license, extra experience, company upgrade, additional working slot etc.

Virtual MarketGlory Gold were use for international transactions, buying goods, referral auction, company auction etc.

Virtual MarketGlory Local Currency were use for local transactions, such as paying your worker wage, buying local goods, etc. Local means anything within the same country. MarketGlory were support more than 80 local currency, you might read about the complete list on MarketGlory Local Currency Guide.

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